Top 10 Creating Relationships Tips

To all of those who believe the answer to finding true love lies hidden in some mysterious, psychic secret, or Effective love spells, I have some special insight for you. In doing this psychic thing that I do, I have looked at a gazillion questions and or situations concerning every kind of love your little heart could imagine. So as my gift to you, I’m sharing my cherished top-ten insights on creating relationships.

Contrary to what one may believe:

10. Destiny is not set in stone.

9. Just because you are attracted to someone does not mean you are supposed to have relations with him, her or it.

8. Soul mate seekers beware, if and when you do find your other half, don’t be shocked when the honeymoon is over and karmic issues rear their ugly head causing you to dislike each other very much. (Relax, you do get to spend forever together one day).

7. No one up above has sprinkled moon dust on anyone’s hair, nor prepicked who’s supposed to end up whit whom. You’re all on your own free will kids.

6. True, everything does happen for a reason but sometimes the reason is that someone was not paying attention nor taking responsibility for how their actions affected others.

5. The one and only thing you can control in this existence is you. Meaning there is no spell that you can cast that to make someone falling love with you.

4. If you are continually attracted to the unavailable, inventory your own personality and look for the parts of you that are not obtainable.

3. Being in an “open” relationship, no matter what enlightened new-age-bullshit excuse you use, is a total diversion from the fact that you should not be in a relationship at all.

2. Like attracts like. So you might want to take a gander at your expectation list, go within and explore if you yourself are toting around the qualities you are questing for in another.

1. The “secret” to make a relationship work is two people caring about each other so much that they choose to make it work over choosing anything else, period.