“I wanted to tell that a month ago I was having a conversation with my friend about starting a company with him and he said something that sounded familiar. I listened to the recording of my reading with you and you literally described word for word the conversation I had just had with him about starting a fashion label, which, at the time of our reading I thought would NEVER happen!” -A.B.

“I am about start my new job and this job is a dream come true! I am so excited and once again you were right and things with the boyfriend are wonderful! Thank you again for all your guidance!” -G.

“You were right about Blur not playing Coachella!” -A.M.

“You helped me with a decision to run for office and it was definitely the right decision. I won!” -L.C.

“I will be on TV tomorrow on this show on ABC. They liked me so much that they are considering hiring me as a consultant. It reminded me that you mentioned camera, and news.” -J.H.

“I do not know what you did, but there is a lot of peace now with my situtation with my husband’s ex-wife.” -P.E.

“I’m sitting here and letting things settle like you said. I feel an amazing sense of lightness and clarity and peace. I don’t know how you did it but I feel like I have been healed from a lifetime(s) of sickness, pain and confusion. I feel alive and excited about my life and taking it into my own hands to create whatever future I dream for myself. Today I feel better than I can ever remember feeling. I feel like a newborn baby with endless possibilities in front of me. I just can’t get over the feeling of lightness. I feel like I could float up to the ceiling! Simply amazing. God bless you and you’re wonderful work. You’ve changed my life. I’m eternally grateful.” -K

“Thanks so much. I cant wait to meet my new lady, not to mention my budding TV career. You’re a star!” -P.O.

“Thank you so much. I already feel more at peace and a significant shift and I’m smiling. I feel very centered today and my business is booming so I do not know what you did, but thank you!” -P.

“I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the session yesterday. Whatever you did, made a difference in my run today, I could go longer and felt a lot easier and lighter.” -N

“Thank you for the reading. A lot of things make more sense to me now. I feel it is easier to breath, I feel more positive energy and my shoulder pain seems to be lighter now. Thank you so much for the magical work. I have been feeling sad, tired, and going nowhere for a long period of time. Now I can say that I can see the light coming from the end of this tunnel. You probably hear this ten thousand times a day but I still want to say this to you. You are so special. I am sure I will talk to you more in the future. Take care, and be well.” -I.C.

“Needless to say, I have been constantly contemplating our session and I just want to say thank you again. I do feel like a healing has taken place. Blessings upon you.” -S. “You are so amazing! That guy that I asked you about just called me and he does have celebrity connections, and also strong connections with high level people behind the scenes! You are the best!” -L.W. “Thank you so much. I feel more at peace. I feel a significant shift and I’m smiling. I feel very centered and my business is booming so I do not know what you did, but thank you!” -P

“You know you are good, but with your help, I’ve was able to relax and concentrate with better focus. I always re-read the note of our discussions, as you predicted, I will be staying on at the bank as a permanent temporary. With that information my mind is at ease.” -S

“Thank you Justine. Your insight about my family was right on. I have felt such guilt for other peoples actions my entire life. Thanks for setting me free. Your email was well worth my one hundred unemployed recession dollars and I blow you a kiss for it. I now feel like I have a purpose and I hope you get MILLIONS doing this…you were RIGHT ON!” -R.T.

“I’m pregnant! Just like you said in our reading. Dang, you’re good.” -M.M.

“I feel really full and grounded by the info you gave me and I’m really grateful. I can’t fully explain the feeling – but it’s really good – in the way that I feel that I am on a good track for myself and that I will be a positive experience for those who cross my path. Thanks again! It was a great experience.” -E

“Not that I had any doubts…were having a boy! Thank you for your insight–You are the best!” -L.L.

“I just ran across an email reading I got from you a while back. I can’t believe how much of it has come true!! -R

“Thank you so much for my reading. Writing to you and hearing your insights was a big step for me in facing up to, understanding and moving on. Your spiritual-psychological suggestions, psychic insights, and your healing intentions for me, I will refer over and over to what you have written.” -M

“You were right on with everything you said. Much of what you saw confirmed what I already knew in my head and my heart. I am sure I will have more questions for you in the future.” -D

“Thank you for your amazing work. Since meeting with you, so many things have fallen into place. Whatever you did changed my life. Thank you.” -K

“Thank you for your positive reading and recommendations. I have made friends with my spirit guide Mac you that told me about. It is interesting because my deceased, grandfather’s name is Mac he was tall with Indian blood just as you have discribed.” -C

“A reading with you is life changing.” -C.C.

“I just read your answers and I have to tell you that I am moved to tears. Your feelings on the third song could NOT have been more accurate. That is the song that EVERYONE feels is the hit! I am so impressed.” -M.A.

“When given a list of various national magazines, Justine predicted the exact one I would write for a year before it happen.” -J.G.

“I must say, I am stunned at the accuracy of some things within the reading which I know you could not have been aware of! I will work on getting to know & love myself more as you are right on the money about my life.” -S.

“You never cease to amaze me. You are sooo always dead on. The older guy got the clue and the surfer guy just showed up. I’m still waiting for NY to come true.” -K.

“VERY insightful! Better than promised by Glamour!” -N.S.

“I can not thank you enough for your support, your detailed answers, and for your kindness. You are wonderful.” -E.

“I have been most impressed. You were right on, and I have no reason to doubt you.” -L.M.

“I am not going to ask about the future of my love life to show you that I have learned a thing or two from you readings. After consulting you, I have gottten closer to my faith.” -R.M.

“I was amazed at what you sent to me…since I was a master at brevity in my question. I gave you no other information than my name.” -W.J.

“Did you not tell me I was going to win a small amount of money? I won $550.00 at Windsor last week!” -J.S.

“Thank you so much for your response about buying a house. It made a lot of sense to me, and hopefully the right place is “just around the corner.” (follow up) “Wanted to let you know that the last reading you did for me was right on – we ended up buying a house in Connecticut “right around the corner” from the other place I’d asked you about.” -J.K.

“I just wanted to thank you for your accurate reading. I actually did get a job in NYC and I was chosen over a man. I was amazed at your reading. Thanks.” -P.C.

“I asked a question regarding my former boyfriend and oh my gosh did you have us both pegged. I saw him out and that was all she wrote and we’ve been back together ever since. You really are amazing at how eerily on target you nailed both of our feelings, personalities, etc.” -B.M.

“I know that you are the real deal! I just want say thanks for the insight. The job thing is going to be alright, and I’m keeping my eye’s and ear’s open for that change. I really do appreciate the info that you inpart to me.” -J.B.

“You do rule. Really really rule. You are astonishing. God, where do I begin.” -M.

“The Egyption connection you spoke about in my reading was quite fascinating to me as I have always loved Egyption jewelry and I have just came back from staying at the Luxor Egyption themed hotel in Vegas.” -S.S.

“I listened to every word and have every intention of persuing what you said on my own. So, as you can see, you were successful in raising my conciousness and broadening my horizons. I wish you well.”-M.

“Thank you so much. I actually cried while reading you response. I’m grateful to “be seen”. It’s all “right on”. The things about my husband, my type of humor, the waterfountain and even down to the color blue, that is the color of my business cards.” -L.

“I wanted to tell you that one night before going to bed, I asked for the name of my spirit guide, and the name Matilda popped into my head. I wrote it off as something silly. Was I ever amazed when your reading indicated that that was indeed her name!” -F.D.

“I sent you a question about moving in September. You replied saying that I would be living alone, and that it would be in a warm, woodsy place. I started packing and found a great place by November. I have two balconys with big trees, very nice and peaceful. I am very, very happy now with my move, and my health is better as well. I probably would have talked myself into staying at my old place to make my roomate happy, so I am glad I sought your advice.” -D.H.

“You changed my life in 2000 and for that I am insanely grateful. You were right on the money for ten million things.” -M.

“Thank you so much for all your insight and guidance, you have given me so much and have encouraged me to get on my path and stay there!” -G.F.

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your reading. I really got a lot out of what you told me. You seem to have a real empathetic touch that really connected with me.” -S.G.

“This was extremely meaningful for me. I appreciate your insight, both about relationships and specifically about John. Thank you for answering my question in a way which really helped clear my thinking and get myself grounded on the positive aspects of this change.” -S.I.

“Thank you for the incredibly inspiring reading. I am still absorbing it.. all I can say right now is “WOW!” -M.Z.

“I have sent you a few of my personal dilemmas for your insight and wanted to say thank you. True sincere people are not easy to find. I really appreciate your genuineness.” -V.B.

“Thank you for the “spot on” reading. You told me many things but what were uncanny, everything you wrote was something I know to be true. It made me very happy, feel very positive, and also hopeful.” -M.

“The other day, I re-read a reading from 01/2000. I said it then & I’m sayin’ it now — you are sooooooo gifted!!” -N.C.

Your reading for me was amazing. I wanted to take a moment to thank you, especially since I feel you knew me so well, at least for the brief moment when you read me. Thank you for your great insight.” -W.

“I am soooo glad that I asked you for help about locating my passport, otherwise I would be spening my only day off in the week standing in line at the Federal Bldg. Whew!” -G.

“Thank you! You are so cool! And how do you do it? You are right on target!” -C.

“You said you see me helping others and working with computers. Would you believe I work in tech support for an internet company? I was pretty stunned that you got that right on the money.” -A.M.

“Your reading on Chuck was right on the money. WOW! You are a Gem.” -S.J.

“I am totally blown away. You hit everything right on the head and I can’t begin to tell you how much this is helping me. I have been ready to give up but now you have given me the ability to go on. I can’t even begin to tell you how correct you were and how much it has meant to me.” -D.R.

“Thank you very much for your answers to my questions. Your answers helped me a lot in my life. You helped me to understand myself and the meaning of true happiness.” -O.

“I like the way you explain your readings. You say things in a very kind and gentle manner that makes me feel very relaxed and open to whatever you have to tell.” -A.

“I must tell you, you were AWFULLY close about stuff — too close, in fact.” -M.Q.

“It is very reassuring to us mere mortals that the powers that be have thrugh you conveyed what we have known all along. Thank you very much for this guidance.” -F.D.

“Wow! I had forgotten about this reading as I’ve been in Palm springs this weekend and just came back to your response and all I can say is wow – you’re good! I really feel that you’ve tapped into me. Thanks so much for your insight!” -S.S.

“I just wanted to thank you for the reading you sent my mother. I do my best to encourage her but sometimes it is just not enough. Your reading really encouraged her to keep going and gave her the “kick in the butt” that she needed! I wanted to let you know that what you do is really helping people, especially my family.” -H.V.

“You always give me new perspective and it gives me the strength to “pull up my socks” and continue on. You always give me a shove that says “wake up, you know what to do”. I appreciate you so much. I have to tell you that I asked for a direct message about the money and I’d say I got that!” -D.R.

“Just when I think I am old and wise enough to know better, you have painted a perfect picture of reality for me. You are appreciated very much and your insight is invaluable!” -E.G.

“You were right again!! My boss basically forced me out of my job, so I quit! You predicted that I wouldn’t be there past May! I couldn’t be happier too! -C.C.

“Thanks for your great “yes!” reading on the food business my husband and I asked you about. Since then we’ve experienced a lot of interesting coincidences.” -A.& M.S.

“I am very impressed! You seemed to know quite a bit about me, my hopes, my dreams … amazing!! I just wanted to wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your vision with the rest of us. I just ordered my second reading and I can’t wait to see what you say this time! Thanks again for being such a wonderful person and for using your gifts in such a positive way.” -M.H.

“Interesting about what you said regarding the hay. I live on a horse farm…I am definitely open to exploring your suggestions.” -S.

“Thank you for your very thorough, light and right on target reading!” -T.

Wow, I submitted a question somewhat skeptically, but was incredibly impressed by the personal information you sent. Your answer truly gave me insight into where I am heading. I literally got chills at one point, you hit something so close to home that NO ONE could casually know about. Thank you for your insight – and source of inspiration!” -K.H.

“WOW…you are right on about how this guy operates. You’ve confirmed some things that I thought already..” -J.D.

“I am seeing much progress with my daughter. Thank you for helping for her.” -D.R.

“Your interpretation is interesting and pretty darn accurate. Thanks for making me feel like I’m on the right track.” -M.D.

“You are so great. I was so insecure about alot of things and now after your reading – I have a more confidence in myself.” -F.

“I wanted to thank you for your reading. You were dead-on for so many of the things you said. Keep doing what you’re doing. God has blessed you with a wonderful gift.” -M.L.