Spiritual Protection Program
$11 a Month

How to have powers over the energies that want to have power over you.

After thirty years of psychically looking at thousands of people, I no longer believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that sometimes things happen because someone was not paying attention, or someone did something that negatively effected/affected another person. 

Since everything is energy, that means you are energy. So is everyone, everything and everywhere around you. We are constantly being bombarded by energies that are not our own. Other’s thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions all influence our state of wellbeing.

Symbols such as the evil eye and the red string bracelet have been used to protect individuals from negativity from the beginning of time. The Spiritual Protection Program has been created in the same vein. However, it is in my opinion, the most modern, most powerful, most technologically advanced way to spiritually protect yourself available to date.

The Spiritual Protection Program takes my thirty years expertise in the alternative healing realm, natural product market and the spiritual energy business and partners with the worlds leading expert in the energy broadcasting business, to specifically develop this unique energy broadcasting system. Together we have made this available for anyone, anywhere to effortlessly receive ongoing spiritual clearing and frequencies of protection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for as long as you choose to take part.

To take part, all that is needed is your photo, name, birthdate, and GPS coordinates. Since your photograph holds the energetic frequency of you, the Spiritual Protection Program system is able to specifically connect to your personal energetic vibration and broadcast ongoing frequencies of clearing and protection to you, your home and even pets.

Although the program makes no claims, individuals who have been on the Spiritual Protection Program long-term, their lives simply get better and better.

Membership is just $11 a month per person or pet, no contract is required and you may quit anytime.

Please submit one (1) individual face photo, eyes looking straight into the camera, (your eyes are the most impost part of the picture) per person per membership. Picture must be in focus, without glasses. If subscribing an animal please make sure that only the animal is in the photo, (no hands or body parts of another person).

After subscribing, you will receive email confirmation once you are being protected, and various updates throughout your time in the club.

Please note that TSPP is an energetic experience and makes no claims other than positively effecting you on an energetic level.