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Only in LA: Psychic Soirée with Cocktails

On any given night in Los Angeles, sparking cocktail parties abound, replete with gift bags and glitterati. So what happens when you throw a New Age element like alternative healing practices into the mix? L.A. has always been on the leading edge of alternative spirituality and it’s definitely a party town, but cocktails and healing aren’t exactly a logical combination (unless one subscribes to the time-tested “hair of the dog” theory). Yet celebrity psychic Jusstine K is banking that this odd couple pairing may be just what Angelenos direly need. To that end, Kenzer (a.k.a. PsychicGirl, as she calls herself professionally) has introduced themed “Cocktails and Healing” soirées designed to help attendees shift everything from financial woes to deep-seated relationship beliefs.

On a warm spring evening, K is holding her third get-together in Los Angeles in as many months—this one focused on “Getting On Your Spiritual Path.” Past locations have included a Hollywood Hills mansion and a chic public relations office, but this event is being held in a private courtyard off La Cienega. Upon entering the area, a sprightly blonde greets attendees with a sign-in sheet and a “Feel free to take one,” beckoning to a jar of branded PsychicGirl condoms. Visitors also receive questionnaires inviting them to pinpoint areas in need of individual healing.

About 60 attendees mingle inside the courtyard, noshing on Mark Kearn-catered nibbles and drinking organic CalNaturale wines. Each Cocktails and Healing party follows a similar formula: cocktail hour, followed by group energy work performed by a professional healer, along with informal Q&A throughout. A tiny King Charles Cavalier spaniel runs amok, eliciting “oohs” and “awws” from the eager attendees, about 80 percent of which are women. Some are long-time healing devotees and practitioners, but others are simply curious or looking for a new twist on the cocktail circuit.

As guests begin to settle on couches and floor cushions around the courtyard, K introduces featured healer Moyer, who begins the group work with an explanation of her healing modality. Her objective, she explains, is to teach others how to self-heal by providing tools to “activate innate healing abilities.” She starts off with a spinal-focused breathing exercise designed to help participants move into a neutral mode of non-attachment. It strongly resembles a Pilates exercise, but seems to be broadly effective.

Her next action is to assist participants in freeing themselves from unconscious harmful beliefs and thoughts, with the goal of creating a palpable energy shift. As audience members weigh in with a mixed bag of skepticism, perceived obstacles and deep-rooted fears—all limiting beliefs—Moyer attempts to energetically separate them from their issues, verbally and with hand movements. She often uses the phrase, “Let’s disentangle you from that,” followed by a subtle gesture that begins with a vertical line drawn in the air and ends with a shake of the hand. Or she asks them to fix their attention on an object in the room, envision their spirituality as that object, and see what comes through. Woowoo as it may sound, this self-styled healer is approachable and down-to-earth, explaining each part of the process as she goes along. Despite the distractions of La Cienega’s ambient noise and the occasional dog cameo, the crowd seems curiously engaged in the group healing work.

Near the end of the session, Moyer passes out magnets imprinted with various affirmations—ranging from “I delete all blockages to healing” to “I disentangle from other people’s emotions, thoughts and dis-ease.” She explains how easy self-healing can be by grounding these affirmations in one’s core, and then simply calling on them when energy slips out of alignment. Questions are invited, Moyer and Kenzer conclude the group healing, and attendees make a beeline for the gift bags, which include a public speaking DVD, healthy eats and hair treats.

It may be the end of a session, but for K, it’s just the beginning. Later this year, she’ll be taking her show on the road to both New York and London in hopes of creating a franchise—along with more events planned in Los Angeles. The impetus for this brainchild was a logical response to requests: “I’ve always had a natural ability to put events together and I had friends who wanted to experience healing, so I wrapped it up in a way that was a party,” she reports. “I’m also obsessed with alternative healing and natural products, and I love sharing that with people.”

A strong believer in the power of group energy, K’s ultimate hope is to hold monthly events that attract upward of 200 people. She explains, “It’s all about letting go of these unconscious beliefs or energies we’re holding onto, and that is what will make the difference and the freedom to create what we want. When there are big numbers with everyone focusing on the same thing, it becomes incredibly powerful.”
—Jen Jones

Illustration by Gayle Wheatley