PsychicGirl Press – Vital Juice

December 23, 2009
Any Questions?
Ask and ye shall be answered.

In a world of psychic hotlines, you could call Justine Kenzer the psychic answering service. “Ask me questions,” she urges. “Lots of questions.”

While you might be used to psychics who demand silence, Justine wants you to speak up. Is that guy in the next cubicle going to ask me out? When will my novel be published? Should I chop my hair? Whatever your concern, Justine will ask the spirit world, and give you the lowdown.

How it works: We were quiet for a moment while Justine “tuned in” to our energetic field. Then the lines were wide open, and we were prompted to ask away. The more specific our questions, the more direct the answers (“When will that project I described come through? Next October.”). When we ran out of questions, Justine did a healing on us to free old, negative energy. Then, we were encouraged to ask anything else we could think of (really, anything. One past client comments on Kenzer’s site, “You were right about Blur not playing Coachella!”).

Afraid you’ll miss a detail? Justine tapes each reading and emails it to you, so you can play it back anytime.

Because sometimes, the psychic world leaves a message.