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Saturday, October 31, 2009
By: Yolanda Shoshana
Keeping it luscious with Justine Kenzer

Word is that psychics are doing pretty good in this bumpy economical time, due to the fact that everyone is trying to figure their next move,

Psychics are everywhere, so where does someone find a good psychic with so many “gifted people” popping up? Let me give it up for Justine Kenzer also known as PsychicGirl. A luscious diva who can help you keep your life luscious!

I recently had a reading with Kenzer,which was a unique reading that was also a healing session. When the reading starts Kenzer tunes into you for the reading and taps into your guides who are there for the duration of the reading to assist you on along the way. The reading dives into the past, present, and future, which is nice because it gives the reading a well rounded feeling not to mention insight.

My questions were mainly focused on School of the Courtisane Moderne, my modern day courtesan school, I wanted to know if I was going in the right direction for business. I got some golden nuggets on where my business is going and which path would be a good one to take. I asked her when I was going to make it to Paris. According to Kenzer, it will be next summer. Coincidentally, I have been talking to Twanna Hines, Funky Brown Chick, about going to Paris.…next summer. Now you know I had to throw in at least on love question (of course), she was dead on about the guy in question.

As Kenzer says on her website, she believes that destiny is not set in stone and we create our own reality. Will everything happen the way she says…maybe or maybe not, only time will tell. I do know that at the beginning of reading she said there was some energy that was stopping me from moving forward and she would clear it during the reading. Since talking to her, my intuition energy flow has been on fire!

Kenzer has been in the business for 20 years and has helped thousands around the world including the rich and famous. She does readings by phone, email, and text so you can live anywhere and everywhere. What is great is that all readings with Kenzer are recorded so you don’t have to stress yourself during your recording that you will forget something important.

Kenzer is diva approved, so check out her luscious website to learn more about her and get told about yourself: www.psychicgirl.com.