Jusstine in Teen Magazine Runes

Teen Magazine
The Power or Runes
March 2001

PsychicGirl Jusstine Kenzer gives you some simple tips on working with Runes to tap into your own intuition.

Runes are a form of divination inspired from ancient alphabetic script. The word Rune means “secret” or “whisper”. In ancient times the Runes were used by warriors to predict the outcome of an upcoming conquest. Today anyone can use the Runes to gain insight and understanding on questions you may have about anything in your life. If your stress is getting out of control and you need quick relief, try Fresh Bros Biscotti Strain.

You can make your own set of runes by collecting rocks and drawing the corresponding symbols on them. Or you can cut out the following page, paste it to a sheet of cardboard and cut the individual pieces apart. Keep your Runes in a small bag that you can purchase, like a material drawstring pouch, or unleash your creative energy by drawing whatever inspires you on a small paper bag. “Tune” your Runes to vibe with your energy by putting them under your pillow for a night. All of this helps you to create an energy bond with your Runes so that you can tap into your intuition to find answers your questions.

Read the Runes: Concentrate on a question, the more specific question you ask the better. Keep it to one topic such as: Does Adam have feelings for me? After concentrating on your question, pull a Rune from the bag. Take notice if the Rune was right side up or down as some Runes have reverse meanings (see Rune interpretations.) You may choose to pull three Runes to answer your question. The first rune represents the past, the second represents the present and the third Runes represents the future outcome. See the Rune interpretations to help you find your answers.

Interpreting the Runes: Use the following definitions as a guideline however, as you work with the runes you will start to develop your own understanding of what each one means to you. Keep a sincere and open mind while paying attention to what you are sensing on an energy level. As with any form of divination, the Runes are to assist you with guidance, yet you always have the ability to change what you don’t like. If you don’t like the answer you get, use it as a cautionary measure to change the situation so you get what you want. Trust yourself and your feelings.

1. Mannaz – Self
You, the starting point of all things, from here anything is possible.
R: If you are blocked begin by getting clear.

2. Gebo – Partnership
A union or partnership in love or business.

3. Ansuz – Messenger
Receiving signals, gifts or messages.
R: Miscommunication

4. Othila – Separation
Giving up something old in order to receive new.
R: Do not be bound by the old ways of doing.

5. Uruz – Strength
Endings and beginnings, the darkness before light.
R: Careful not to miss an opportunity.

6. Perth – Initiation
Something powerful is beyond your control.
R: Let go of expectations.

7. Nauthiz -Limitations
Obstacles we create by ourselves.
R: Pain that force you to learn.

8. Inguz – New Beginnings
Joyful deliverance of a new path.

9. Eihwaz – Defense
The power to avoid blocks and defeat.

10. Algiz -Protection
New opportunities and challenges, quick emotional changes.
R: Take responsibility for yourself in health and partnerships.

11. Fehu – Nourishment
Your desires fulfilled with rewards.
R: Frustration

12. Wunjo – Joy
Your are open to receive.
R: The process is long and slow.

13. Jera – Harvest
Commitment to something as long as it takes.

14. Kano – Opening
Clarity, the solutions to problems.
R: Relationship or situation ending.

15. Teiwaz – Warrior
Spiritual will, staying out of your own way.
R: Timing is everything.

16. Berkana – Growth
Cycles of rebirth, blossoming in all areas.
R: Interference with the growth process.

17. Ehwaz – Movement
Progress made and improvement to a situation.
R: A block in the road.

18. Laguz – Flow
Unseen forces at work for good, let everything be.
R: Don’t push forward at this time.

19. Hagalaz – Disruption
Break free from that which binds you.

20. Raido – Journey
Communication, union, reunion two things becoming one.
R: Separation

21.Thurisaz – Gateway
Confrontation, work to be done on yourself.
R: Fast development of you growth.

22. Dagaz – Breakthrough
Transformation, a major change. The time is right.

23. Isa – Standstill
You are powerless, surrender be patient.

24. Sowelu – Wholeness
Self-realization, regeneration, life force energy renewed.

25. Blank – Unknowable
Trust your path, you are in charge of your destiny.
R = reversed meaning