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Celebrity Psychic Healer: Psychic Girl
Posted February 2010
Review by The Cobrasnake

I was very nervous and excited to go to a psychic. It was my firt time and I didn’t really know what to expect. The only other psychic I ever talked to was Madame Cleo the lady from the television. I prepared a list of questions to ask her. We met at her apartment in Hollywood it was nice and clean and had some psychic memorabilia around but not tons..a few power crystals here and there. The session was very relaxing .. she tuned herself into my spirit-world and was able to tell me things about my spiritual guides.. some of this i didn’t fully understand but it was cool to listen to regardless. I asked her a bunch of specific questions and she was able to tell me about things and give me some interesting insight into my world. it was very cool to have her talk about things in my future that were going to happen. she told me i would travel to africa, a trip that i was in the process of planning. We talked about relationships with my family and friends and it felt good to share with her. It was almost like a therapist, I was comfortable telling her things about myself. It was a very reflective time for me. I was able to think about my life in a different somewhat enlightened way. She recorded the session on her Blackberry and sent me a audio file of the experience for me to listen to at my leisure. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet Jusstine. after the reading she gave me tips to help me grow my hair back, told me about a massage place that tones your body as you get massaged, and sold me a bottle of special water that is supposed to make you feel amazing. I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in discovering more about themselves.