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Happy Intelligence
By Molly Lyons
How to be a Little Psychic

Want to stay one step ahead of your future?
Try these tricks and never be caught off guard again.

Are you about to be fired? Feedback from your boss hasn’t been stellar, and suddenly she seems uneasy swapping whit-I-did-this-wekend pleasantries. You don’t need a Ouija board to sense a pink slip is heading your way. “Everyone sends out their own kind of energy.” explains psychic Jusstine Kenzer, founder of psychicgirl.com in Los Angeles. “What you’re feeling is negative energy from your boss.” Before you pack your bags, consider: It’s possible that your boss has intuitively picked up on your vibes- the insecure ones- and is reacting to them. To find out if you’re really on the skids, give yourself a private pep talk before your next meeting. No guarantees, cautions Kenzer, but there’s a good chance that once you keep your nervousness in check, you may intuitively sense your boss’s energy shifting in your favor.