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Update – the relationship I predicted for Britten, she ended up marrying him!

PsychicGirl Sees My Future and Heals My Past
By Britten ยท August 26, 2009

A couple weeks ago, LA’s PsychicGirl Justine K, was visiting NYC and asked if she could do my reading. Apprehensive at first, I checked out her website. What I discovered was a lovely intro written by Ms. Kenzer and a ton of press (including; NY Times, The Daily News, the London Times, VH1, E!, Glamour, and countless other reputable press sources) about her and the numerous celebrities for whom she’s done readings. In addition, she had met with my girls at The Luxury Spot, who adore this PsychicGirl.

I met Ms. K at a small cafe in the East Village. I was struck by her vivacious presence, extremely pleased she was not decked out in crystals, nor did she hint of patchouli (I did live in Venice Beach for several years). We ordered iced tea as she explained to me how it all works.

All readings are recorded for you, phone or in person. The recorded reading is sent you in by email link to an MP3 that you can listen to online, download to your own computer or ipod. Cool.

I felt completely comfortable and was ready for Ms. Kenzer to do her thing. She asked me to say my full name, as she would do an initial reading of what she saw.

What she saw, is so personal, that I cannot even disclose the details to you, my faithful readers. I had to bite my lip so I wouldn’t burst into tears. Obviously, she could read on my face that she touched on something. She explained that a large part of what she does involves healing.

I consider myself to be more of a healer who is able to provide spiritual healing which can quickly result in positive change in your physical world. I strongly believe that destiny is not set in stone, that we create our own reality through our thoughts and our actions, yet we can have unconscious limitations due to our past experiences and the memories of them.

That being said, Ms. K went on to see my professional future… which involved loads of travelling to some amazing places, perhaps even writing about my adventures. Therefore, I was completely willing and open to any sort of healing in order to fulfill that prediction.

Though Ms. K revealed a few general dates which would bring my professional and love life into fruition, any shrink will tell you that you have to accept, deal and heal your past, in order to move forward.

Honestly, Ms. K’s uncanny intuition regarding the skeletons in my closet, completely freaked me out. Yet, she was spot on and there is, without a doubt, something to be said for that.

Conclusion: Jot down some specific questions, and book an appointment with Justine Kenzer ASAP. Readings are available via instant message, phone or in person in Los Angeles.