Jusstine on Ross Mathews

Ross Mathews
August 11, 2006
My psychic sidekick (and how YOU can get your virtual palm read).

Happy Friday, blog buddies!!!

Okay, so I know today’s blog is being posted SUPER early, but don’t fret — there will be another blog entry posted later today. I just wanted to get the word out about something ASAP.


Calm down, blog buddies, and let me explain!

A few years ago at a street festival called Sunset Junction held every summer in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles, a woman handed me her card and said something like, “I’m a psychic and a fan and I’d love to do a reading for you sometime”.

Usually, if a stranger said that to me and handed me her card, I would be kinda creeped out. But this time was different — she didn’t seem crazy, she didn’t seem opportunistic, she didn’t seem like she was trying to swindle me. Rather, she seemed — for lack of a better word — legit.

Still, I never called. I held onto her card for a bit, but eventually lost it.

Yesterday afternoon I got an email saying something like, “I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m a psychic and I gave you my card a few years back…”

I wrote back, “Of course I remember! Would you ever consider coming to my office and letting me tape you giving me a reading so I could post it on my blog?”

She agreed and is coming today at noon! We’re going to tape my session and then edit it and post it here on our ROSS BLOG for all of you to see! Exciting, right?!?

But I started to feel guilty. I mean, why should I get a free psychic reading while YOU — my beloved bloggers — get nothing?!?

So our favorite new psychic, Jusstine Kenzer (who’s website can be seen by clicking HERE), agreed to take questions from YOU, too!!!

So here’s how it will work. I need YOU to email me a question that you’d like to have answered by well known and respected psychic Jusstine Kenzer! Send your email to me at: ross@rossmathews.net.

In your email, include your question and either your blog name and/or real name. Justine didn’t ask that you include any other information, but I’d like that you say something like, “I’m blank years old and live in/near blank… (etc.)” Also, if you like, include your phone number. Maybe we’ll call you so Justine can do your reading over the phone!

After Jusstine does my reading (which will be video taped for you to see after I get back from hiatus), I’ll move on to your questions! I’ll video tape this, too, and will post her responses to your questions on the blog later today!

You have until NOON today, Friday August 11th, to get me your questions. Email them to me at: ross@rossmathews.net!

Keep checking back here today to see when I post the video of the psychic answering your probing questions!

Until then, have a blogtastic day!