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It was hard not to be skeptical while sitting across from a woman who swore she saw colors and energy emanating from my body. My first instinct was to give her a twenty and tell her to take the next bus to the local loony bin. But when she started nailing personality traits, current relationships and future ventures and desires, it was hard not to become a believer. She told me of past lives I’d lived (an Egyptian worker and an Indian woman). She got very excited when she told me that my boss was about to give me a raise (wait a second, how did that get in here?) Add to that a warm personality and a positive outlook, and I found myself listening a little bit more closely.

In a world full of people who claim to know what the future has to hold, Jusstine Kenzer has made herself a bit of an icon. When starting her site www.psychicgirl.com, she had no idea what the response would be. Now she’s lucky if she gets an hour of free time for herself. User comments on the site are nothing but stellar. In fact, through a prediction made for Hennessy, Jusstine gained acclaim for predicting the first person Nicole Kidman would be seen with after her divorce announcement (Russell Crowe). Jusstine also does person-to-person VIP readings in Los Angeles, where she resides. Her advice is useful and guides her clients into a more spiritual lifestyle and awakening. While she may not have the name recognition of Dionne Warwick and her psychic friends, something tells me that Jusstine might just be a bit more authentic.