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People Magazine Sept 05
Scoop It’s in the Stars

The gender of Britney Spears soon to be born child is almost as big as a mystery as her choice in maternity clothes. She’s not saying and in what appears to be an effort to throw snoops off the track, she’s been shopping for togs for both boys and girls in recent weeks. What’s a frustrated Spearsologist to do? Scoop turned to the stars – or rather, top psychics, astrologers and spiritualists- for the answer. Their verdict: it’s unanimous. Their science methods? Let’s just say, you gottta believe.

Web Psychic: Jusstine Kenzer of psychicgirl.com, L.A. Prediction: “I see a male energy connected to her…that is a spirit that she has known and been connected to for a long, lomg time…as far back as Egypt, even Atlantis.”