Jusstine in Oxygen



Think fortune telling and Feng Shui are fooey? We know what you mean. But Jusstine Kenzer, a.k.a. PsychicGirl of psychicgirl.com, offers unusual advice that’s more Martha Stewart than Dionne Warwick and her Psychic Friends Network. Being the perpetual cynics, we checked it out for ourselves. First off we asked if we should paint our bedroom red. Apparently not. The strong energy and vibration of the color might make it hard for us to relax or sleep soundly, Kenzer says. “The color red vibrates with the energy of sex and power.” Whoa! She suggested painting just the ceiling or two of the walls, instead. She also deduced enough unnervingly specific facts about our life to spook the staunchest skeptics among us. While we are far from true believers, it was intriguing and entertaining enough for us to ask a few more questions.

-Joyce Bautista