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Sun, 10/25/2009
Mondays With Meg

Meg here! I’ve never been one of “those girls” that put really much stock in tarot cards or palm readers or psychics. I do believe in energy though. I think there is something to that whole “manifesting your future” bit.

Like a lot of you, I’ve had a pretty trying year. I don’t go to church but I say my prayers at night. I spend a lot of my time try to figure things out in my head. Too much time trying to make sense of things that are really not suppose to make sense. They just are what they are. When I was little my father would tell me “stop living in your head.”

A lot of the time it is great therapy to have megsmakeup because I can ask you all questions or look for guidance right here. I am never let down by the intelligent and brave answers that you’ll provide not just me but each other with. It’s always a good thing to be open to new experiences and when I got an email from Psychic Girl Justine Kenzer I was very excited to open it.

It’s L.A., I’ve been here for thirteen years. I’m in the loop. I know I said I’m not one of “those girls”, and I’m not. I am definitely 100% percent friends with a lot of “those girls” though. The girls that are always talking about their readings, or feng shui¬† or what “the universe” is telling them. ?I had heard the name Justine Kenzer brought up more then a few times in those conversations

When I went to facebook to “friend” Justine it was no surprise to me that A. We were already friends B. We had more then 20 friends in common. Justine has also been splashed across every magazine from TIME to Glamour so you don’t have to be so into the spiritual world to have heard of her. If you’re in the celebrity world or following the celebrity world then you’ll know she’s the go-to for Teri Hatcher, Carmen Electra and Eva Longoria (just to name drop a few.)

We made an appointment to get together. I answered my door and Justine breezed right in, sat on the couch, took out her recorder and got down to business. Before we started she looked deeply at me. She told me that while she did consider herself a psychic, she really was a healer. With your permission she can stare right at you and see your aura. She saw immediately that my year was a painful one and that there was a rip in my aura. She started to work on healing that. Before she asked me any questions or gave me any answers she took in a deep breath, shook her head a little and said to me “You have got to stop trying to figure out things that can’t be figured out in your head! It’s too much! Stop doing that!”

One hour later she left my house and I guess I can say it. I am now officially “one of those girls.”