Jusstine in Mademoiselle


High-prices therapists, watch out. Increasingly, sophisticated women who used to view psychics with cynicism are now seeking, and acting on, advice from the other side.

Another psychic capitalizing on the internet is Jusstine Kenzer, the 32-year-old behind www.psychicgirl.com, a site that proclaims its marketing strategy in bog, bold letters: “PsychicGirl, claiming a unique niche, targeting Gen X, Y and D with spirituality.” Kenzer’s online bio even plays up a statement from the San Francisco Chronicle: “Kenzer is a marketing queen.” (A psychic who unabashedly professes her own marketing genius? Well, if that isn’t portraying oneself as an intelligent woman’s psychic, I don’t know what is.) Kenzer Attributes the rising credibility of psychics to grass roots word of mouth. “Woman who have never consulted a psychic before will see a fiend try it with positive results and think, hey why not?”