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Have A Psychic Name Your Baby
Wednesday, April 29, 2009
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Thinking about several names, but can’t make up your mind? Boy, do we have a psychic for you!

Momlogic’s Talitha: Nearly six months pregnant with my first baby, I had some big questions about the pregnancy, the baby, and what life would be like after her birth. I was overwhelmed by just about every decision I would soon be making, and experiencing tons of anxiety. I called psychicgirl Justine Kenzer for guidance. And guidance she gave.

Justine Kenzer has been a psychic for twenty years and has done readings for celebrity moms Marcia Cross, Britney Spears, and Lisa Rinna, to name a few. Though she definitely has a niche for helping parents pick baby names, naming is only a teensy part of what she does, which is really help people and guide them in the right direction, to understand when do baby boys talk and how to help them. Though I am a bit of a psychic-skeptic, I am definitely open and was at the end of my rope with the emotional roller coaster I had been on lately. At the end of the conversation with Justine, I kind of wished she could be a whisper in my ear all day every day. Here’s why:

I had tons of questions about the baby, from how she would fit into our lives to what her personality might be like to if she would arrive on time. Justine answered my questions with total insight. She recognized, without me telling her, the anxiety I was carrying around, and gave me tools to shed it. She set my fears aside and calmed my inner screaming chorus.

Of course, I wanted to run some name ideas by her, too. Though my fiancĂ© and I haven’t thoroughly discussed names, I did give her some ideas we’ve been throwing around. The funny thing is that she brought up my mom’s name, which starts with an A, and when she said it, I felt the baby kick. She said she felt a really high vibration from that name, a name my fiancĂ© has been seriously considering and I was kind of not so into. Not sure if we’ll use it, but I may just have to call her again when we get a little closer to a decision to see how it’s all “vibing.”

PS: After speaking with Justine, I felt a huge relief. I don’t know what it was exactly, but just that I knew everything would be all right.

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