Jusstine Kenzer on ideeli

Tue, April 21, 2009 at 11:53AM

PsychicGirl, Justine Kenzer is not an astrologer so don’t expect star charts or fancy tarot card tricks. Justine is a clairvoyant who can read your personal energy. Not only can she provide you with answers to your most pressing questions, but she also provides true spiritual healing that creates real and lasting change in your life. Plus, she is fun to talk to. It doesn’t get better than that!

Name and where you are from:
Justine Kenzer otherwise known as PsychicGirl, native Californian

Day job: Psychic/Healer/Entrepreneur

We love how you describe your work, as helping others to find answers and healing. Can you describe what one can expect from a reading? A first time reading with me lasts about 45 minutes. It isn’t about the timing for me but more about you getting all your questions answered. I read very quickly. You can ask anything you want as long as it’s in the form of a question. I’m able to give you super specifics fully describing what I see in regards to what or whom you’ve asked about. I’ve got a great track record at calling the future, helping people get over unhealthy relationships, and healing situations that one feels stuck on. I consider myself a transformationalist, meaning I help people change and get over big life issues, if they really want to.

When did you realize you were psychic or was this a conscious choice to become a psychic?
I never woke up one day and wanted this as my profession. Who the heck wakes up and thinks, “Ya that sounds good, I think I will become a super sensitive freak of nature?”. I basically went looking to find myself and this is where it lead me. I now have an understanding that I obviously was born with a very special gift. I actually don’t think I had a chance to become anything but this. I resisted it for many years and only reluctantly accepted it when nothing else worked out.

What inspires you? I’ve witnessed miracles more than a handful of times. And I’m not talking about getting a good parking space.

Awesome! You have a great sense of humor too. So we have to ask- since you do readings via IM too- Mac or PC? Instant message last time I checked worked on both Mac and PC. If I do instant message anymore (most are by phone or in person) it usually ends up happening on my blackberry in airports or hotel rooms or by a pool!

Okay on to your closet, describe your look:
I love clothes. My parents had shoe stores when I was growing up and I was making and selling clothing and jewelry by the time I was sixteen. I had my own clothing company before and at the start of this whole psychic thing. I defiantly have my own style, I dress kind of funky but chic and my signature is pretty much the off one shoulder look.

Can clothing retain a good or bad “energy”? Absolutely. Objects absorb energy and that includes your clothing. Color has a lot to do with affecting you as well. There is a reason why one feels like a million bucks in Gucci and not so hot in some raggy old thing from the Goodwill. I will eventually do a book on this called Psychic Style.

What is your favorite time period and why:
Now! I love technology. I love that I live in a time where I can record your reading on my phone and send you an MP3 link, amazing isn’t it?

Totally! I listened to my reading 50 times already! Any more TV appearances coming up? We saw you on Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club: I’m counting on it! I’m in talks for my own show, it won’t be like anything you’ve seen with psychics on TV before and I have a new fun web show launching where I will be interviewing and reading TV reality stars. That should be a crack up.

Famous Last Words: I truly only want for you what you want for yourself (as long as that doesn’t involve going against another’s free will choice.) I am happy to be wrong with what I see if it means someone getting the outcome they desire.