Jusstine in the Hollywood Reporter


Reporter at Large
By Chris Gardner

Future friend: Call her the psychic to the stars. But which ones? “I can’t say, I don’t want to get sued,” Jokes Jusstine Kenzer, a well-known psychic whose clients are mostly from the entertainment industry in addition to her business, www.psychicgirl.com. She will admit that she’s read Carmen Electra and Daryl Hannah and been in the party business for MTV, Miramax, Disney, Sony and Warner Bros. The most common question? “I have people come in who are deciding between seven projects, and they want to know which is best one to put their energy into,” she says. “Or sometimes I read for producers, and they want to look for avenues where they can get financing or other business partnerships, while if you work in a company and you’re getting a promotion there are resources that also help with this. “Kenzer, who says her readings are known for accuracy and detail specific info, she even predicted the recent fall of one mammoth Hollywood exec months before the incident. “I love being in the business with the entertainment industry,” she says. “It’s not what I set out for, but it’s where I’m at, and I’m happy.”