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Can a cyberpsychic suss out your future over the Internet?

If you’ve ever been amazed by a psychic who looked you in the eye and saw your future, wait until one sizes you up via email. Psychic sites like psychicchat com and psychicpro com charge $49.95 for email readings from no-name psychics. And at psychicgirl.com you can have a question answered by career clairvoyant Jusstine Kenzer, whose client list includes stars and execs at Miramax and MTV.”It’s actually easier for me to read people over email because it’s a clear direct method,” says Jusstine. “With a face-to-face or phone reading, there can be distractions.” Three Glamour staffers volunteered to test-drive PsychicGirl’s prowess.

“PsychicGirl knew about my friends in California, where I used to live, and how important they were to me.” -Ellen Pawyane Executive Managing Editor

“Jusstine knew all about my husband’s creative future and gave me insight into his artistic challenges. Overall her responses were provocative- and it was fun!” -Maryellen Gordon Senior Editor

“Jusstine said my husband found a profession in which he can translate what he sees to others. He’s a photographer, so that was right on, but I’m way too skeptical to take it seriously.” -Sara Ruffin Lifestyle Editor

The bottom line: For a god reading, says Kenzer and the Glamour testers, keep an open mind, ask specific questions and use your own intuition to decide how on target the answers are.