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First for Women

A 5-step Plan to Developing Your Powers of Intuition

Happiness and success are just a gut instinct away. Here’s how to harness your intuitive powers to live your best life.

A friend introduces you to her new neighbour, and though you’re never met, you sense an immediate connection. Or you’re offered a high-paying dream job but have a gut feeling it’s not the right move.

We’ve all had these experiences: We know something but can’t figure out how we know it. The fact is those “funny-feelings” are our senses,” speaking to us. “Natural inutuition is as much a part of us our senses,” says Jusstine Kenzer, founder of psychicgirl.com. And paying attention to it helps us make smart decisions, First got leading intuition gurus to confess their secrets.

1. Surround yourself with orange according to Kenzer, every color emits a vibration, and orange sends out a frequency that awakens psychic senses. But don’t worry if it’s not your best shade- you don’t have to wear it. Place pillows, rugs or picture frames in your favorite corner or in an area you like to relax. You can even cuddle up to an orange blanket on your bed.