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Fashion Fortunes
Friday, February 03, 2006

PsychicGirl Justine Kenzer foretells the Fashion Week futures of six lucky designers.

Michael Kors’ Spring collection was spicy Southwestern. Where is he likely to find inspiration this season?

“Michael’s inspiration comes from something extraordinarily far away-alien far away. His style stems from unidentified futuristic formulas that were downloaded into his consciousness back in the days of Stonehenge. There he sat among the rocks, gazing up into the sky asking for his destiny to be revealed. Little did he know then that his vision would be shown…at Bryant Park.”

Donna Karan is known for her affinity to the spiritual. Where will her metaphysical journey take her this Fashion Week?

“She has been waiting for this moment all of her lives: ‘DK, meet God. God, meet DK.’ No intro is needed, though. The two have been working together since the age of Atlantis, when He first loaned her His all-seeing eye. It worked, and now we can reveal what Donna has known all along: God is a She, and She would love you to swag her a gown.”

Diane von Furstenberg had a rough go of it last year after the lighting malfunction heard ’round the world. Will she emerge from this season’s show unscathed?

“There is nothing like a little energy thrown at you by the competition to cause the lights to go out on your frock parade. I see Diane’s vibration like that of a highly prized symmetrical pearl. She has used this dim experience to ascend above all irritation and attain a shell of perfection. Her show will go on without a scratch.”

Carolina Herrera’s radish fetish was the talk of the Tents last year. How will her garden grow this season?

“Carolina will be sowing a special relationship with her Mother-the one known for miracles and surprise appearances on pieces of toast. Carolina is a healer, sent to the planet in disguise. If you were to envision the two ethereal women behind the scenes this week, you’d see them in ceremony, taking seeds from the earth and turning them into glowing garments of light.”

Kimora Lee Simmons’ Baby Phat show is always a zoo. This year, she’s headlining the first night at the Tents. How will she handle the pressure?

“Did you know that the word “phat” is actually an Egyptian slang word Kimora conjured up during a former incarnation, when her name was Queen Ankhesenamun? At that time she was married to a guy named Tut. The King she married this lifetime was no accident. Pressure…what pressure? Kimora rules many a dynasty with grace, beauty, and a ton of gold treasure.”

Francisco Costa was the beau of the ball last season. Will he sustain his golden-boy status?

“Oh, yes. I see him holding a giant goblet that runneth over. He has actually been carrying this around with him since his past life as a gorgeous Greek god-that’s when he learned to accept the adoration of others, just as he will be doing this Fashion Week. I see many hands reaching out toward him trying to get a piece of what he’s got.”

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