PsychicGirl in Entertainment Weekly

Palm Pilots
By Jessica Shaw | Aug 11, 2000

Personal assistant, stylist, shrink, trainer…soothsayer? The latest must-have for the Hollywood posse is the personal psychic. ”Maybe it’s because of the millennium, but there’s a whole new group of people seeking out psychics who were skeptics in the past,” says psychicgirl.com creator Jusstine K, who’s read ”energy” for execs at Disney, MTV, Miramax, and BMG. ”It’s like, people have tried everything else, so why not this?” With readings costing up to $400, enlightenment doesn’t come cheap — but neither does failure. ”A lot of people who come are the moneymakers and the ones that make things in Hollywood happen, and they want to know if they’re making the right decisions,” says Char Margolis, author of Questions From Earth, Answers From Heaven. ”Other people get the credit, but I’ve definitely made some big decisions in Hollywood.”