Jusstine on Chick Click

Oct 01
Psychic Encounter

I’m not a big-time believer — but I’m not completely cynical about psychic abilities either. Unexplainable things happen every day, and I don’t understand the universe well enough to totally dismiss the possibility. So, I asked Jusstine Kenzer, the creator of psychicgirl.com, a question about my own future. What is the next year going to hold for me? Kenzer’s reading was right on: My new house does have a very stark feel, and I do believe in the less-is-more philosophy when it comes to design. And I have always wanted to travel to Africa. But I still can’t identify the grandmotherly spirit from my mother’s side who’s guiding me in writing a book. In the end, though, it doesn’t matter so much what’s true and what’s not. It doesn’t matter if I think there are spirits following me around or not. When I got my reading, I felt very excited about my future, and I started to think a little more carefully about what I wanted and didn’t want. Below, you’ll find tips from Kenzer about how to do you own psychic reading. You, too, should decide for yourself what you believe and what you don’t — choose what you feel comfortable exploring. Practice listening to yourself. Remember, as Kenzer says, that your life is your own to direct.

Power Tips
The first thing is that you have to work on getting clear,” Kenzer says. This is impossible to do when you’re rushing around, going to class, to soccer practice or to your after-school job. Take 10 minutes sometime during your day — like when you first wake up or when you’re going to sleep. Close your eyes, get quiet and let yourself be. Ask a question. You can do this in one of two ways, Kenzer says. You can ask your higher self — and if you do this you should actually try to see this as a separate person, she says. You can also ask a spirit guide, who is, she says, someone who has passed to the other side. “We all have guides around us,” she says, “but because we have free will we have to give them permission to come in and work closer with us. Kenzer says she suggests creating a sanctuary in your room, perhaps lighting candles or insense, and trying your meditation at the same time each day. Close your eyes, she says, and try to imagine that you’re watching a television or movie screen.

Don’t push it. “It’s always when you’re trying really hard [that] it’s never going to come…because you’re forcing it, Kenzer says. Sometimes gratification may be delayed, she advises. Maybe then you’ll go off and be in the middle of your day and boom! The answer will click into your head or as soon as you wake up in the morning,” she says. “Or you might even have a dream and that is the answer coming to you — it’s just coming in a way where it can get to you. Keep trying. You may not get anything at first, because, Kenzer says, Like building a muscle when you’re working out, it takes a while to get it going. Don’t expect the images to roll out like a movie, either, she advises. You might see a face or hear something, she says. You might just see a color, in which case you have to ask yourself what the color means to you.