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Hollywood Celebrity Psychic Comes to LA’s Rescue
Jusstine Kenzer Gives Psychic Readings and Healings in Los Angeles
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It’s not always easy to tune into what’s going on in a busy, spread-out city like LA. Tuning out the traffic, iPhones, dates, night club lines, leaf blowers, or kids (depending on your lifestyle) can be equally challenging. Jusstine K, also known as Psychic Girl, is there to help you tune all that out while tuning you into your past present and future, with her Los Angeles based psychic readings.

K has been doing this for about 20 years and is known around town as a sort of psychic to the stars. She’s shared her gift at parties and private sessions with celebrities like Suzanne Somers, Desperate Housewives starlets Teri Hatcher, Nicollette Sheridan and Eva Longoria, as well as Carmen Electra and Ellen Degeneres.

Psychic Readings With Jusstine Kenzer: How They Work

K offers psychic sessions in person, by telephone and–in true Millennium era style–via text message (and of course she also has a psychic blog). She says 95% of her readings are conducted over the phone.

She’s done readings by instant message–from such unlikely spots as the airport. But clients will likely get the most out of phone or in-person sessions which include a healing portion unique to her readings. The Hollywood based psychic does not conduct healings during text consults.

Full readings last up to 45 minutes, while shorter sessions in 15 minute increments address specific questions.

A Psychic Girl’s Philosophy on Readings

K likes to stress that destiny isn’t set in stone. She’s not there to recite your future frame by frame, per se, but rather to help clear blockages, look into your past (and past lives) and help you manifest your true intentions.

She says her messages come through different sensations–visions, sounds, intuition and feelings. K receives ‘energetic information’ from your ‘spirit guides’ and other outlets on the metaphysical plane, and acts as a translator. Think of it as therapy with an LA New Age twist.

The Hollywood Psychic Reading Experience

I had a phone reading with Jusstine K years back and more recently an in-person reading. In both cases, I felt comfortable immediately. She has a warm, bubbly, open way about her.

Everybody’s different, but I preferred the in-person experience. I spend so much time in front of my computer communicating virtually so I found it refreshing to actually work through energy in real time. Still, in theory, Kenzer can pick up just as much from your voice as from being there with you live.

However, the in-person experience seems more suited to the type of energy clearing that K has integrated into the tail-end of her sessions. Despite a basic structure, she sometimes spontaneously switched topics and focus when an epiphany struck her–which I liked.

It was great to hear K talk in specifics about events–past and future. But I felt the most connected to her generalized descriptions of energies around my life, etc. I was also totally entranced by the cleansing at the end (which feels something like a guided meditation). I felt a huge clearing. Her step-by-step guidance was great at getting me to where I needed to be energetically–even without body movements (like yoga) or formal hypnosis.

I’ll be interested to see how her points make their way into my life. But really, being in the present moment and discussing all those energies was an experience in and of itself for me.

What to expect from a psychic reading with Jusstine K:

1. She will start by texting some numbers to her Blackberry as she sets up a recording service for your session
2. She will ask you to say your full name, which she says helps her to pick up on the energies around it as she tunes in
3. As she brings in your ‘spirit guides,’ K will give you a play-by-play on what she sees and feels at first blush
4. You will get the chance to ask her specific questions, which she will go through and address one by one
5. She will ask you to identify an issue or something you would like to work through–a blockage, an addiction, pretty much anything
6. She will ask you to close your eyes as she walks you through the cleansing healing
7. When you’re done and open your eyes, you will be invited to ask any additional questions from this ‘newly cleansed’ perspective
8. You will receive an MP3 recording of your session from her via email