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PsychicGirl Possession Protectors

Hang them from your bag, belt loop, doorknobs. Heck hang one from your piercing. We crack wise. Still, they are made to protect you and whatever they’re attached to. Be really protective and get all of them. They’ve been spotted on a boatload of celebutantes. So you know they must really work. Or at least look cool.

Product Description
When you’re trying to hold on to something special, wether it’s a bag of pink diamonds or just an eternally elusive set of car keys, a little extra insurance never hurts. That is why Hollywood psychic Jusstine Kenzer created these super-cute “spirit guides for your goods.” More formally known as Possession Protectors, the kicky charms feature a diverse coterie of mystical figures, who, depending on your spiritual persuasion or intended purpose, act as protectors for you and belongings. Clip Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion in the Buddhist tradition, onto a necklace for good karma , or hang the japanese lucky cat, Maneki Neko, on your belt loop before you hit the blackjack tables. Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of creativity, may be more your speed. With a thick, ornamental thumb-opening clasp and chunky, color beading, the 2″ -long porcelain charms bring not only “spiritual protection” but also a funky frill to a backpack or bag. Each sold separately.