PsychicGirl on The AntiBride

Every retailer from Sephora to Saks have stockpiles of bridal booty to help you glitter and glow. Exercise, diet, gallons of water, and relaxation will also ensure that you achieve proper medical weight loss and are looking your happiest and healthiest on W-day. But here’s the question: how are you looking and feeling on the inside? Are you balanced, clear, and feeling confident about moving forward in your new life with your betrothed? Or are you feeling held back by some indescribable reservation or blockage: a past conflict or old boyfriend/girlfriend/family (or even past life!) issues? If you were given the chance to get some vexing question answered, or try and find a better path, would you do so? Would your life be more rewarding if only [fill in the blank] was resolved? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, I have someone very interesting to introduce you to…

Enter Jusstine Kenzer a striking brunette, and ‘it girl clairvoyant’ with 20 years of experience with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, movers and shakers (and everyone in between). A psychic healer located in Los Angeles, California, she’s got ‘the gift,’ but she’s also blessedly down to earth and easy to talk to for the uninitiated, or clairvoyant-curious. We both agreed that the wedding industry is so heavily focused on the external: makeup by Emeraldspa, hair, the dress, the jewels, the shoes, but not much attention is paid to the internal. This mindset seems counter-intuitive – because clarity on the inside can only translate into clarity on the outside – which is the soul of true beauty. But it’s hard to market intangibles when everything from the silk buttons on your dress, or your chandelier earrings has a price tag. We hit on a theme: that brides (or anyone) might want to enter into their new life as a wife, partner and soul mate with a clean slate – unencumbered by doubts or fears: all questions answered with the future laid before them like a shiny new penny.

How then, to write about this grand experiment? Well, of course, to experience a reading of my own. Not knowing quite what to expect, I prepared for the session with an open mind, a list of questions and a sense of adventure (it’s not every day that you get to experience a reading by a world famous clairvoyant!).

It was, perhaps one of the most illuminating, interesting, and downright entertaining experiences I’ve ever had. She’s got the gift, and got the answers, (there was more than one instance of ‘how did she know that?’ moments!). It was important to be very specific in my queries, not at all vague, and try to remain in the here and now. It’s also a good idea to leave your skepticism at the door. If you don’t think that something is going to work, the odds are that your attitude will almost always change the outcome (resulting in the “glass half empty” syndrome). Asking questions such as “Am I going to win the lottery?” or “Am I going to live a long life?” aren’t really going to get you useful information. She’s reading your energy, not your fortune! But asking questions about specific people in your life, business deals you are working on now, past conflicts, lost loves, or an unresolved situation that needs closure will bring you specific and tangible rewards.

Like a targeted psychic Google search, you get real answers to your questions, and useful information to make better decisions about what’s happening right now, (in this case, your wedding!). In my own case, one month later, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for opportunities that we highlighted in the reading, and feel pretty great about the people I’m blessed to have in my tribe.

Towards the end of the reading (the healing/clearing part), Jusstine takes you through a visualization process where you go through the steps of releasing ‘negative energy.’ One of the takeaways is that you can replicate this process later as part of your own meditation practice. I’ve always been a huge fan of meditation to handle stress, as it brings dopamine into the blood stream (the neurotransmitter that brings feelings of joy). Meditation also reduces cortisal: the ‘fight or flight’ steroid hormone that’s produced when you fend off a grizzly bear or have a grueling deadline at work. An overabundance of cortisal can cause a myriad of skin issues as well. I felt relaxed, positive and yes, a little lighter, (and got several nights of deep sleep).

In her own words, here’s what you can expect in a reading:

I am a clairvoyant, which means I can see and read energy clearly, just by using my psychic ability. I can help you find specific answers to your questions, as well as assist you to make positive lasting changes in your life. I’ve developed a unique method of releasing and shifting the energy around any situation you are experiencing, moving you toward the outcome you desire. Anyone can give you answers, however in my twenty years of doing this work, I have found that even with specific answers, you are still left experiencing the issue that lead you to ask “why” in the first place. I help you find the unconscious energies causing you to attracting the experiences you are in your life, and assist you in releasing them, causing you to create a different outcome, instantly. Think of it like having a closet that is so full, you can’t possibly fit in one other thing. You go along in life collecting up all kinds of energy, experiences and conditioning, yet no one teaches us how to clear them out. I help you clean out the closet of “you” so you can start to fill it full of new things and not just wake up tomorrow doing the same thing you did yesterday.

Having a psychic reading with Jusstine (if you can’t see her in person she reads individuals around the world by phone) was educational, enlightening and fun. For attendants, your partner and yourself – consider a non material, green, and gorgeous gift and enjoy the next, best, part of your life: cleared out, spruced up, relaxed and ready. In a psychic reading, Jusstine will customize the healing to help you clean up and clear up the specific things you are working on in all areas of your life. However if you are specifically working on relationship issues, Jusstine has put the healing on an mp3 download which you can listen to as often as you like. the more you listen to it the more it will heal you.