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Psychics Cashing in During Troubled Economy
Lu Parker, KTLA News
November 25, 2008

LOS ANGELES — Psychics, those in the business of reading minds, hands and even cards claim they see, what we can’t.  In these tough economic times, people are turning to spiritual advisors more than ever.

“I guess when people get into the negative headspace they are looking for anything to give them hope,” says Damien Vickers who says he believes in psychics.

According to Los Angeles area psychic Justine Kenzer more and more people want to know about their jobs. “I will tell you what I see. You can say the name of your boss and ask a specific quesiton about anything you want to know about like if my job is going to be secure,” Kenzer says.

Kenzer has been in the business for nearly twenty years. she’s known around the nation as “psychicgirl”. She says a psychic has the ability to look at you and see energy.

Clients are also turning to the internet, asking questions about finances, job security to even home foreclosure issues.  And Kenzer says she’s seeing another new trend; more male clients coming in.

Rodney Franks says he went to Kenzer to discuss his family finances. “I think it’s a way to be informed, to get more information on a subject that helps you make the decision for yourself.”

A 45 minute session will cost you $200, but many people say they think it’s worth it.

“It’s just so beautiful to be part of something that helps people get what they want,” Kenzer says.