Psychic Police – Is Your Reading The Real Deal

So lets say you have a huge life changing decision to make. Would you go up to a total stranger in the street, ask them for their advice, and then do exactly what they say? I hope not. Yet, for some reason, there are people who assume that just because someone says they are psychic, their word is as good as God.

Anyone can say they are psychic, but that doesn’t guarantee they are skilled at what they do. I like to compare getting a psychic reading to getting plastic surgery or having unsafe sex, you want to be damn sure you know who you’re sharing your energy with!

There is a way to recognize if the psychic you are dealing with and the reading they are giving you is genuine, or not. When interpreting the information given to you in a reading, ask yourself the following questions. One, did the reading inspire you to further seek the truth (not like if someone cheated on you in a romantic relationship, but something deeper such as what the heck is life all about, and what’s your participation in it)? Two, did your reading result in positive change or healing to you, your situation and your perception of it? And three, did your reading provide comfort by providing you with proof and evidence that this psychic thing is real and life after death actually exists? If one of these three things is present, than congratulations! You have found yourself a genuine psychic.

A psychic reading is never about predicting gloom and doom, putting you in fear, or taking you for accumulative amounts of money to remove a hex or spell. It’s about tapping into the highest and best information that will best serve you on your spiritual path, right here, right now. And it doesn’t hurt to get some insight into helping you get what you want in the physical world too.

When seeking out a psychic, get a referral from someone you know and trust. If you don’t like what you hear in a reading, use that information to inspire you to move into the direction you want. Destiny is not set in stone. Anything or situation can be changed or healed instantly or in the span of a lifetime. It’s all up to you.