Psychic Readings By Phone Versus In Person

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If you are questioning what the difference between getting a psychic reading with me by phone or a psychic reading in person is, honesty the only difference is that we don’t get to see each other face to face. When it comes to how my psychic ability works, there is no time or space for spirit. You could be sitting right across from me in Los Angeles, California or half way across the world in London, United Kingdom and my psychic abilities will still work the same way.

What exactly does that mean no time or space for spirit? It means that when I look at you psychically, I am not reading your body language, facial expressions or anything else where I need to use my physical eyes. I am tuning into you psychically and reading you on an energetic level because my psychic sense does not in anyway use my physical eyes. When I tune into your energy and look for the answers to your questions I basically am using my clairvoyant abilities. Think of it as me having an additional set of eyes that allow me to see you on a whole other level than just the physical.

So, if you are interested in a psychic reading with me and you are not able to come see me in person, where ever you may be located, know that you can have the same experience by phone through out psychic hotline. I have clients all over the world that I read and heal by phone. Sometimes a celebrity in Los Angeles or elsewhere will call and get a reading by phone and I wont have a clue I have read them, unless of course the story ends up on the cover of a newspaper and then I am the last to know!

All joking aside, I am super passionate about helping people heal. I’d love to help you find the answers to your questions and help you change your life, whether is be in person or over the phone, I can help you.