Jusstine Kenzer in Now Magazine UK

Dec 6 2010

Who will win this X Factor? Matt all the way.

Will Dannii be quitting the X Factor? It would seem like with everything she has going on in her life she wants to step away, but in the end I see her being offered an amount of money that she won’t say no to.

Will Cher be in the final? Doesn’t look like it.

Does Cher already have a recording contract? Yes, but it doesn’t look like with Simon, it looks like it’s with a famous rapper.

Who does Simon Cowell want to win? Obviously he has to root for New Direction, but at this point in the show I don’t see him wanting any paticular act just yet, he’s still watching it all unfold. He does however see Rebecca as the next Liona Lewis.

What will happen to Katie? Katie looks like she is going to have a career after xfactor. I see more TV for her like a job being a host or presenter.