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Can’t afford a session? Download the instant healing!

Jusstine is offering psychic readings in limited availability, in person in Los Angeles and by phone around the world. Session are 45-60 minutes. I do not go by timing, but being sure all your questions are answered. Each session includes an eyes closed healing, helping you to release the energy keeping you from getting what you desire. Sessions are recorded and an MP3 is sent by email after.

To understand exactly how I work and what to expect from a session with me, listen to this BBC Radio interview (really, please listen versus emailing me).

I am a clairvoyant. I can psychically look at anything you ask about on an energetic level and describe how that effects you in the physical. My form of divination is your specific questions. In order to have a successful session, you must have specific questions. I do not need the backstory as psychic answers do not come from logical explanations.

To be considered for a session, please use the form to submit one (1) face photo of just yourself, with your eyes looking into the camera and very briefly tell me what you are seeking assistance with. I will tune in and see if I can help. If I feel that I can help, you will usually hear from me within the hour.

Please note that for reasons beyond my control, I can not help everyone. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone I do not feel would benefit from a session with me. I also do not offer discounted readings. If the cost of the session is a stretch for you, it simply is not the right time for a session with me. In addition, if you are strickly focused on wanting future romantic or financial predictions, I am not the right psychic for you.

15 Minute repeat client phone sessions are still available, just use the form below to request one.

Thank you for letting me be of service to you! Helping you find answers and healing brings me the greatest joy!

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