I.Connect – A Tool for Better Relationships

I.Connect – A Tool for Better Relationships

In my 25 plus years of doing this work, I consider myself a snob when it comes to anything spiritual. I’m like a connoisseur of fine wine, but for the metaphysical. Honestly I’ve found that 99.9% of what is out there is…crap. So please be skeptical when parting with your finances and energy!!

That being said, I LOVE and 100% endorse the I.Connect. I have been wearing one since March of 2014. The I.Connect is a medallion like object that you keep on your body (I wear mine in my bra). It establishes an energetic field around you that effects everything it touches. It cuts you off from the 7 major stressors in our world, such as EMFs, environmental toxins, negative energy from other people and so much more. Scientific research has shown that after just five minutes with the I.Connect your body’s organs balance themselves.

The I.Connect does everything listed below, but the most exciting part is that it improves your communication and relating with everyone you come in contact with!! It is not subtle, when you have it on you, you can tell!!

Personally, I don’t get dressed without it. It brings a whole new level of protection to my work. If you work in any kind of healing, medical or service profession, this tool will make you like teflon! With all of the invisible things that we constantly pick up and are effected by from others, the I.Connect pays for itself a million times over!

Click the below picture to link into the I.Connect
site and learn more about Sacred Geometry.

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Wear the I.Connect and Experience:
-Increased vitality, creativity and joy, a sense of knowing all is well.
-The body’s biofield energy and organ systems are improved.
-Be spiritually centered, feel empowered and grounded.
-Reduce stress, confusion and procrastination.
-Developed intuition, know what to do and when.
-Synchronistic occurrences happen more frequently.
-Strengthens your heart center. Easier to rewire old habits and patterns.
-Improved sleep and rejuvenation.
-Focused intent activates and directs the I.Connect to enhance your life.
-Balance chakras, opening of blocked energy and stimulate a healthy flow.
-Further your spiritual connections and have deeper more fulfilling meditations.
-Manifestation and clarity of purpose is enhanced.

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  • Kathy Bodie
    Posted at 22:08h, 15 September

    Hi Jusstine! I am so proud of you and your incredible success!!! It is wonderful to stumble upon your website and “see” you again after all these years! I am going to order the I Connect as I am now working as a Registered Nurse in a hospital and am subjected to many, many strong energies while I’m at work. I value your input regarding not wasting money on products that don’t work so I am super excited to try this one! EMF’s have concerned me as well in the last few years so woooo-hooo that this will help to protect me in that area as well. Yay! Much love to you, sister! oxoxox Kathy

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