How to Tell if a Psychic is Real

Experiencing a psychic text reading could be compared to getting plastic surgery or having unsafe sex: You want to be damn sure you know who you are sharing your energy with!

Just as you wouldn’t run up to a stranger in the street and take their advice on what to do with a huge life decision, you want to have the same level of cautiousness when choosing a psychic. You’re the one who has to live with the decisions you make, while that psychic is someone you’ll know for 15 to 30 minutes. There are many reputable psychics who, without question, help people make life-changing decisions just by providing fortune teller online services. So, how can you tell if you’re getting a reading from someone who is the real deal or not?

Being psychic is the ability to communicate with spirit. “Spirit” meaning someone who has passed over to the other side. But just because someone has passed over does not mean they can magically see all and know everything. If you believe in life after death, then you might explore the concept that our life after death is very much a continuation of what we were doing while we were living in the physical. That also would mean that if someone was ill while they were living in their body, they are still going to be working on healing themselves once they pass on. They just no longer have their physical body to help them in that process.

When you get a reading from a psychic, yes, they are (hopefully) communicating with spirit, however just because they are, doesn’t mean the spirit they’re communicating with is one that is has your best interest at heart. Sometimes the spirit they are contacting is stuck and just wants attention. That spirit might be able to get the message across that your dead uncle’s name was Jack, but just because they can pull that magic rabbit out of the hat, how does having your dead uncle’s name help you as a spirit to change and grow and heal in your life?

So, how can rest assured that the reading you’re getting is authentic? Certainly do your research and get a referral from someone you trust who had a positive experience. But how can you tell if the psychic is connected into the highest? A real psychic reading should:

1. Inspire the truth-seeker. Getting a reading is never about predicting gloom and doom. (Unless you are doing something to hurt your own spiritual growth, like bank robbing in your spare time and your guides are trying to warn you that this isn’t the smartest thing to do …). Your teachers in spirit want for you what you want for yourself. Their goal is to help you do whatever it takes to get there. The information should inspire you to do what you need to get what you want as long as it does not involve manipulating another person.

2. The reading should provide healing. The information coming through in the reading should be healing to you because it validates something you already know but might need confirmation on, or it makes you feel better on every cell of your being that truth is coming through and you are not just having hope that what the psychic says is true.

3. Provide comfort for someone who is mourning. The psychic may or may not be able to give you the actual name of the person you are inquiring about who has passed over, however there should be absolute proof to you that the information coming through about the person is in fact them or their personality.