How to Make the Most of a Reading

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to a psychic, sit down in front of them and all the information we ever needed to know to make all our dreams come true would be told? Why yes, it sounds like the magical cheat sheet to heaven. Unfortunately in reality, it just doesn’t work that way. The truth is, no one has the answers to your questions but you.

Now that might not make much sense when you are feeling clueless about what steps to take in your life. Most of us just want someone to just tell us what to do to go get what we want. It’s the reason why you’re seeing a psychic to begin with! But, there really is something to that saying; seek and you shall find, because you are the one who is actually creating getting your own answers. Making it into the presence of a gifted psychic is just the first step. You have to do the spiritual work in order to actually receive the answers that will help you to move forward on your path. Think of it like a great actor or singer, having talent is a given, but making it to fame and fortune is a whole other story.

So just what is this work one must do to get answers? As you genuinely put your energy into furthering your relationship with yourself, getting your own answers becomes a natural side effect. Start by reading spiritual or self-help books that enlighten and inspire you. Or study spiritual teachings you find interesting. Anything that causes you to raise your consciousness and connect with your higher-self becomes the work that then allows you to receive the reward of gifts and answers that help you along your path. This is how you are essentially creating getting your own answers. When you take just one step toward growing your spiritual path, your guides and teachers take ten to help you.

A psychic reading with a genuine psychic, the psychic’s ability is like a telephone line between you and the spiritual world. No matter how clear the line is, the person on the other end has to answer the phone, and if they do answer, they need to have something to say. When making a phone call. You don’t just pick up the phone and get connected to the person you are trying to reach. You have to dial a set of numbers to be directly connected. So think of the specific questions you want to ask as the phone number you are dialing to get your answers.

When getting a reading you have to have a target to aim for. Make a list of specific questions you want to get answered. Know that “Love” is not a specific question. “I want to know if John Smith is romantically interested in me,” is.

Its also important to know that just because you ask a certain question, it doesn’t always mean that there will be an answer. Perhaps you are asking a question that your higher-self is not ready to receive. Maybe you have not yet done the work on a spiritual level for the answer to be granted. It actually can be more harmful than healing to get an answer that you’re not emotionally ready for. Sometimes there isn’t an answer because the outcome has yet to be decided or because destiny is not set in stone.

So to make the most of your reading, do your homework, both spiritual and in the physical. Find a genuine psychic. Make a list of specific questions you want answered. Focus on your guides, teachers and loved ones in spirit. Then you’ll have the greatest chance of getting answers that will change your life for the better, and that you created getting all on your own!