For the last 28 years, I have given every ounce of existence to my spiritual path and healing. I have sought not only to heal myself but to passionately share what I have learned with others who also desire to have a better life.

My work has spoken for itself with reviews online and media coverage around the world. My online business started in 2000 with a full page write up in Glamour Magazine with the editors positively reviewing my abilities. From that point on I have been featured in publications such as TimeNewsweekThe Los Angeles TimesThe New York Times and countless others including being picked as The Best of DailyCandy.

In my career, I have helped clean up a lot of people that have unfortunately given large sums of money to fraudulent psychics. I have also helped a lot of people get their money back. Last year, I had a fraudulent psychic open a shop down the street from me. This person showed up at my door and threatened me. They then tried to pose as me using my business name and likeness to confuse and mislead people trying to find me. I had to fight to protect my trademark and business name.

It was a battle won, or so I thought until I discovered that I had been slandered online on a review site other than Yelp. If you Google the name of this site that I won’t mention by name and the word “extortion.” you will find the reality of this site and how it demands large sums of money to which I refuse to give them.

So I ask I the person who wrote this review to produce of a receipt or a bank statement of the so called charges from my business. Anyone who does any research on me can easily see that I would never even agree to do a reading for this person. I do not take money or do sessions for anyone I can not help. This alone makes the review a mute point.

The idea that I might not be able to help someone truly seeking, who sees the name of this website linked to my name, is devastating. I wish I did not have to give this situation any energy or explanation, but I feel it is important to stand up for myself.

Sadly Free Speech Does Not Always Equal Truth.

Thank you for reading this.

Jusstine <3

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