Ellen’s Degenere’s 50th Birthday Party

Ellen’s Degenere’s 50th Birthday Party

By far the best party I have ever been asked to read at. Held on the Warner Brother’s Studio Lot, The famous came out in droves to celebrate Ellen Degenere’s big five-zero. Her birthday is actually in January, but due to the writers strike, the party was pushed until last night and what a party it was! I was super excited to be asked to take part, I love Ellen, is there anyone who does not love this woman who just radiates her own truth?

Living in Hollywood I’ve seen a gazillion stars and read quite a few of them, but my heart skipped numerous beats when none other than Dr. Wyane Dyer down in front of me. OMG! This was the highlight of my night, my week, my month, wow, and it takes me a lot to be wowed. Pink performing live wasn’t too bad either, she was flawless.

The party had a carnival theme. Warner Brothers events set up a beautiful Moroccan themed den for me, and three of my favorite psychic friends Mark, Kimberly and Sahara to read party guests all night long. The list of celebrities in attendance went on and on and on. Out of the corner of my eye, between readings I saw, of course Ellen’s love Portia De Rossi, Paris and Nicki Hilton, Benji Madden, a very pregnant Gwen Stefani and her Husband Gavin Rossdale, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Sarah McLaughlin, Ryan Seacrest, Mathew Perry, Allison Janney, Slash and his wife Perla Ferrar, David Spade, Suzanne Somers (who’s best selling book I named in a reading) and her hubby Alan Hamel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and a bunch more eye candy that I can’t remember it all!

I read so much that did not take any pictures, I worked Ellen’s 50th birthday and all I have to show for it is this t-shirt that Pinkberry gave out!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 12:09h, 12 May

    I was there too and you are right it was an incredible party. So many recognizable faces and they were all so friendly and nice. You missed Cortney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette, Jessica Alba, Tobey McGuire, Janet Jackson, Ray Ramano, Katherine Manheim, TR Knight, Neil Barrett (designer), Cliff Fong (Designer), Micheal Beneveneto (Art Dealer), Pink of course, and ACDC Dance troup, Susan Summers, the Pussy Kat Dolls, and the list goes on. It is funny I ran into your site, I was talking to another person there and she was telling me about a reading she got and how good it was. Do you only do events, or is there a place where I could come get a reading. I have never had a reading before (well outside of a short one in NYC) but it would be interesting.

    Well let me know.


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