Jusstine Kenzer was born and raised in Bakersfield, California where her family owned clothing and shoe stores. She was never aware of being psychic as a child. However, her father was very intuitive. He used his psychic ability as a party trick, wowing customers as they were trying on shoes. He never sat her down and told her she was psychic, in fact he just wanted her to grow up and get a good sales job. Little did either of them know she would end up pushing spirituality to the masses. As other children were getting tucked into bed with stories, Jusstine’s father was teaching her how to program her subconscious mind and psychically tested her about his day.


Jusstine was more interested in predicting fashion. By the age of sixteen, she was making and selling her own clothing and jewelry designs to local stores. After graduating from high school, she attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in downtown Los Angeles. However, after just one year of design school Jusstine was craving culture she wasn’t finding. She ended up dropping out of school with a 4.0 GPA and moving to San Francisco.


In San Francisco, Jusstine started a clothing company called Bustier Queen Jusstine. She garnered media attention and a large LGBTQ following. She put on over the top fashion shows in night clubs and sold her designs in high-end boutiques. The San Francisco Chronicle labeled her a marketing queen. It was at this time Jusstine accidentally discovered her psychic abilities.


Unintentionally moving into a haunted house in the Haight-Ashbury, Jusstine moved right out. She wanted to make sure the spirits that haunted the home didn’t didn’t follow her to her next place. Upon a recommendation from a friend, Jusstine found her way to a psychic, meditation school in Berkeley, where she spent six years developing her psychic and healing abilities. Jusstine never had the intention of becoming a professional psychic, she actually resisted the idea for many years. Being psychic was just something that was going to help get her to where ever she was going. Little did she know, the universe had a much different plan.


Eventually Jusstine’s psychic business overtook her fashion business. She finally accepted that her spiritual gifts were no longer a side hussel. Jusstine moved back to Los Angeles, where one night shortly after, she had a life changing dream, with a very specific message. This lead to Jusstine finding and joining what is known as a True Mystery School, where to this day, she continues to study with the Real Ascended Masters.


Having a great reputation and living in Lala land, celebrities came calling. Jusstine’s website launched with a full page write up in Glamour Magazine. Publication after publication continued, from the Best of DailyCandy to Time to the New York Times. Jusstine has also appeared on various American reality televisions shows.


Jusstine has had a lifelong love affair with helping individuals transform their lives. She has researched, studied and developed many alternative healing modalities, which over the last thirty years, have beautifully blended together, creating the energy that powerfully comes through her work in each private session, the Heal Your Relationship Space download and the PsychicGirl Protection Program.