How does a reading work?
If you understand the concept that everything is energy, you understand that everything around and in your life including you, is vibrating at an energy frequency. There is no time or space for energy. No matter where you may be located, sitting right in front of me or half way across the world, I am able to psychically tune into your vibration, look at you and see specific answers to questions you are asking. I look at your energy on a spiritual level and tell you how it affects you on the physical level. Sometimes I see things as clear as a Kodak moment, but most of the time I am a translator deciphering code messages that the spirit world is trying to communicate to you.

What makes you psychic?
Being psychic is most likely not what you think. Each and every one one of us possess a natural intuition that is as much a part of us as our sense of smell or taste. Yet, imagine being raised in a society that leads you to believe that it was not ďrightĒ for you to breathe through your nose. What if you were told that breathing through your nose was a very bad thing to practice, it was dangerous, even considered sacrilegious? I bet it wouldn't be long before you stopped breathing through your nose. So you too are psychic. You just havenít worked at developing your ability as much as I have.

Where do the psychic messages you receive come from?
All psychic communication is communicating with spirit and yes, spirits are individuals that have passed on to the other side. Just because someone has passed on to the other side does not mean that they can see all and know all. Just as you would not go up to any random person in the street and take their advice, you want to be cautious who you seek spiritual guidance from and where the information they are relating to you is coming from. My communication comes from the spiritual teachings and truths that I have studied for well over a decade. I work with guides and teachers in spirit that have honored me to be the medium or channel for their communication, as well as your own spirit guides, teachers, angels and loved ones that are in the spirit world.

How does psychic communication benefit me and what if I donít like what I am told?
When I give you a reading I donít just forecast the future, I help you to get reacquainted with your higher-self and tap into your own intuition. Awareness is the key to creating change. Destiny is never set in stone. Psychic advice should be used as a tool to help you better relate with yourself and others. If you hear something you donít like, use that as an inspiration to move your life into the direction you want it to go.

How did you become psychic?
My earliest exposure to the psychic realm was through my father who has quite a connection to his own intuition. While other kids were being tucked into bed at night and read stories, my father was teaching me about programming my subconscious mind. (Thanks dad to you I owe so much!) However, I never connected that this would be my future. My journey began when a friend referred me to a meditation center that offered psychic readings. I went for and found some answers that made sense to me. I ended up taking every class the center offered including a psychic development program that I now refer to as my psychic boot camp training. Today I am constantly striving to continually further develop my abilities through studying spiritual teachings.

What do you actually see?
When I am psychically looking at you, it isn't as easy as you asking a question and me going to a magic television screen in my head for the answer. What I "see" comes from a combination of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling and as I explained above deciphering the messages that the world of spirit world is trying to communicate to you.

Can you turn it on and off?
Just as you go to and come from work, so do I. I am not psychically walking around looking at energy 24-7 and I donít go around psychically looking at people without their consent. Obviously I have a heightened sense of awareness, but I get to turn it on and off (thank gosh.) I have plenty of my own stuff to deal with that the last thing I want to do is I go around looking at other people's stuff for fun and entertainment.

Are you ever stumped?
Just because you ask a question does not mean the answer is always there. You must do the work to get what you want in your life including receiving answers from the spiritual realm. I always see something, even if that something is that the answer is not yet there. I will always tell you why the answer is not there and any other information I get around what you are asking about.

What is the best way to ask my question?
The way you ask your question is not going to change the outcome of your answer. The more specific you ask the question the more specific answer I can give you. Always include names of anyone you are asking about. The name helps me to tune into the vibration of the person you are asking about.

Is there anything I canít ask about?
A true medium uses their ability to inspire the truth seeker, heal the sick, or comfort the mourner by proving life after death. Obviously, my job requires me to look at anything you ask about.

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