The concept behind PsychicGirl Possession Protectors came from my clients specifically asking how they could connect with their own spirit guides.
Possession Protectors have been blessed to provide you and your belongings with spiritual protection. Hang them from your purse, backpack, belt loop, or anything else you wish to spiritually protect.
Trust these great wise guides to act as your very own spiritual guide keeping watch over you and your possessions.
There are 15 different protectors to choose from.
To help you make the most of your relationship with the PsychicGirl Possession Protector place it under your pillow for the first night. This will allow you and your Possession Protector to become energetically in sync.
Possession Protectors are made out of genuine porcelain. Care for them as you would any object that is special to you.
Your relationship with your PsychicGirl Possession Protector will bring you fun, fashion and a whole new level of spiritual awareness!

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